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Welcome to PMO IN A BOX

PMO In A Box, Inc is a company focused on helping organizations (Large or Small) create, fix, and manage their Program/ Project Management office. We offer a suite of People, Processes, and Tools to help any company successfully implement a Program to manager their projects. Whether they have their own tools and are just looking for help to define and implement a process wrapped around them or creating a complete package based around our People, Process and Tools.

Free Fully Functional 30 Day Trial!

Free Fully Functional 30 Day Trial!

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Project Do’ers, (SME’s)

Project Managers

Program Managers

C Level Project Management Executives

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  • In Regards to the online SaaS tool, It was nice having somewhere to go to see the status of any open and that information was available to anyone at any time.  In regards to the PM that worked with us, He was very knowledgeable and learned the specifics of our workflows very well. He probably could have scheduled and registered patients by the end of this.  Mostly I appreciated the strong “take charge” attitude as I don’t feel like anything would have been completed and we would not have been able to go live without that!
    Jennifer Guillory
    St. Joseph Health
  • Bill Marson Looking for PMO leadership? You don't need to look any further. There are many executives who clearly articulate goals and priorities, rally a team around a cause and make decisions. Darrell does this with style and a winning smile. He motivates you to excel, because his goals are high but not unreasonable.

    Bill Marson - Global SAP Delivery Manager | Enterprise PMO Leader | IT Project Manager
  • I would like to recognize the Program Manager for his efforts and great knowledge that he brought to the various application migrations while engaged at Toyota Financial Services as a Program Manager. He was truly a valued asset to the team with his expert knowledge of Application Migrations, including interfaces and the interactions of the systems with the customer needs. He consistently put forth dedication with firm determination to this project. His sense of urgency was always in the forefront bringing projects to a successful conclusion. He compliments his extensive skills with a great business acumen. He always delivers solutions within budget and on-time, exceeding the expectations of my organization.

    Steven Engerer
    Technology Director - IT Enterprise Operations at Toyota Financial Services
  • The Program Manager provided guidance and structure to a critical Ingram Micro project - the migration and consolidation of many globally distributed "Data Centers" and server rooms into three global Data Centers. He put together the governance, the process and the infrastructure for server and application migration of over 800 applications - including SAP, PeopleSoft, Kernos, to name a few Tier 1 apps. While these apps are difficult enough to migrate, His eye for detail also drilled down to all apps - including some very "dirty apps" which were not easily placed due to security concerns. His keen insight into Data Centers, data migration, process management, were critical to the success of the project.
    Gene Waldenmaier
    Ingram Micro
  • At Ingram Micro, The Program Manager  managed the initiative to consolidate several aging data centers into 3 strategic global locations. Many of the methodologies and processes that were leveraged during that effort are still being used today -- years after successful completion. The approach takes into consideration the critical nature of every application as well as timeliness and cost-efficiency. The Program Manager is a strategic leader with strong work ethics and technical acumen. His ability to steward and cultivate relationships of all levels as well as keep his team focused on achieving the overall goals and objectives are invaluable. Visionary, collaborative and a results driven Executive who has made a significant difference in our organization.
    Steve Giano
    Ingram Micro
  • Their Program Manager took ownership and had hands on leadership style; this along with attention to detail separates them from other project/program managers. He was very knowledgeable in the use of project management tools; he created several trackers and dashboards for us. He  played a key role in the data center consolidation program for us. If you have a program in trouble and need someone to move it forward, PMO In a Box is your company to call.

    Prabhakar Murgessen
    St. Joseph Health System
  • Created a detailed program document that we used as a master plan to migrate Herbalife’s entire Data Center from El Segundo to a brand new 336,000 sq ft facility, with a 5000 sq foot data center in Torrance. The program had a global impact and provided for a successful migration of all our IT equipment and applications over a single weekend. This detailed planning document WAS key to the success of this migration. They were engaged afterwards to help with the phone system incident management room. They used his Migration Management skills and toolset to help with the telecommunications implementation. The Program Manager was an amazing team leader, who has an impressive ability to keep people calm in the midst of such an overwhelming undertaking. I would hire them again without hestitation!less

    Deborah Luscomb
    Herbalife, Inc.
  • Software is very intuitive, it gives perfect platform to control our projects, detailing all the activities, and keeping the team informed, providing an excellent collaboration utility. I see this product deploy among different sectors and industries as it can be tailored to the needs and methodologies for managing out PMO and Projects.
    Oswaldo Bello
    TechArt Group
  • PMO in A Box is a very useful PM tool. Well designed tool to use to managing project for the PM.
    St. Josephs Health System
  • Saves time....efficiency and user friendly!
    Norman Shore
    St. Joseph Health System

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